About Me

I have always been enamored with design. Old computer interfaces and websites were clunky and troublesome to navigate and most movies and video clips were replicating a very lame and poor quality corporate feel. Even growing up in the digital age, at the time I had little knowledge of how I was able to show others how to improve on any of this.

About 6 months into 7th grade in middle school I figured out how to abuse school computers to view and change files on other user accounts, and visit and download any website or file I wanted. I was suspended after accidentally crashing the school network and causing some lost grades and important files. They traced the massive bandwidth use and other logged information to my computer. Too bad I had no idea it was logged. From there, the school network came back, and I was banned from using the computers for the remainder of the school year. But not really, because you did not actually need a user account to log on if you knew what you were doing.

Sometimes experiences are improved through disaster. Added restrictions to school computers aren't exactly going to provide a better experience for students or teachers, but considering how any of it could be abused, I guess this slides in as forcing better design. But security flaws in a middle school network is far less important than that of a business, and most flaws are not based around security.

Design of about anything you can name, stood out to me. I could not understand why something would be so unnecessarily bulky, or thin, or made out of a certain material. But this was coming from the mind of a young teenager. Of course the psychology of product design and product packaging would justify a reasonable argument.

I have worked for a large company the last few years and grown tremendously. I am in a leadership position and always look to be positive. Although sometimes positivity can be gruesome. Not everyone views things the same way, and improvements often come with problems. I have come to understand this to some extreme levels.

Videos, pictures, websites, and business practices are all aspects of design, and it is my turn to set the highest standard.

Please feel free to contact me. I am always open to comments, questions, and suggestions!

I am primarily focused on building great experiences for websites in mobile and desktop environments.